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Judicious financial structuring helps to ensure a healthy return on the valuable investment made in the project.

Timely and economic availability of funds plays a key role in ensuring timely completion and commissioning of the project. Hence, the project’s funding blueprint must be designed very wisely.

Its pertinent to note that either over-financing or under-financing can be lethal for a project’s survival and long term sustainability. We realize our role in helping our clients identify the optimum level of funds required for delivering a particular project. This in turn helps to ensure proper leverage ratios for the project.

Also, the various alternate sources of funds must be carefully studied. Terms like lender’s interest rate, securities required and his policies should be closely scrutinized and compared. Informed advice regarding the best-suited source for mobilization of funds can be precious to a project’s success

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  • Equity Stake
  • Ownership Stake
  • Loans from Financial Institutions
  • Private Lending


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  • Term Loans
  • CC/OD Limits
  • Bank Guarantees
  • LAP


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