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GST is not just a tax reform it’s a major business process reform. Hence, its important to re-structure the business processes in alignment with the provisions of GST law.

At the time of its introduction in 2017, Goods & Services Tax (GST) was widely propagated as a simplified version of the indirect taxation with reduced litigation, increased compliance requirements and with a friendly tax environment. However, due to the magnitude of the tax reform, it expectedly came with its own unique challenges, difficulties and disputes.

GST has introduced legal concepts which are distinctly different in nature from those prevalent in the erstwhile indirect tax regime in our country. Hence, their implications can be different from what is generally perceived by a businessman. Also, being in a nascent stage, GST law has been extremely dynamic and has been subjected to frequent amendments and changes from the Government.

In this challenging scenario, we at MAC have developed a dedicated team that carefully analyses the implications of the various changes being brought in GST law by the government. We take pride in providing precise and high-quality indirect tax advisory to our clients.

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  • Pre-transaction Advisory
  • Tax Risk Assessment
  • Supply Chain Taxation
  • Taxpayer Registration / Cancellation


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  • Various GST Returns
  • Annual Returns and Reconciliation Statements
  • TDS / TCS Compliances


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  • Strategy for Litigation
  • Representation before Revenue Authorities
  • Appellate Representations


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